Protein Pumpkin Bars

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 10th Sep 2015

These pumpkin bars are perfect for this time of year and with only 55 calories per bar, you don't have to feel so guilty if you eat more than just one.~•~ INGREDIENTS ~•~ • ½ cup Xylitol Su … read more

Protein Packed Chia Balls with Cacao

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 18th Aug 2015

A super healthy treat made with cacao, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and almonds; with maple syrup added for a touch of sweetness. This treat is high in protein, essential fats & antiox … read more

Delicious Iced Cookies & Cream Latte

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 27th Jul 2015

Ingredients 1 scoop Whey Protein Cookies n Cream 1/2 cup unsweetened light almond milk 1 cup of  coffee, brewed & chilled Ice Cubes (as many as desired)Directions In coffee mug, … read more

Protein Packed Lava Cakes

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 16th Jul 2015

Just as delicious, moist, and rich as regular lava cake, yet it's remarkably lower in calories, higher in protein, gluten-free, and packed with nutritional goodness.  Ingredients … read more

Perfect Peach Shake

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 14th Jul 2015

Ingredients1 Cup Water1 tbsp flaxseed oil½ ripe peach (peeled)6 frozen strawberries1 scoop protein Sweetener to taste (optional)DirectionsToss ingredients in a blender and blend. … read more