Ch-ch-ch-chia! Not the Pet, but the Seed

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 30th Jul 2015

Nowadays, chia seeds are known for their massive amounts of nutrients. Chia seeds are a great source of healthy omega-3 fats and fiber, and lucky for you chia seeds are easy to incorporate into your diet. Chia seeds have been used for centuries in Mayan and Aztec cultures, but were unknown in North America until fairly recent.

This nutrients packed seed, or” Super Seed” as we like to call it, comes in either white or a dark brown/black color. Its nutritional profile consists of calcium, manganese, and phosphorus…and it’s a GREAT source of omega-3 fats.

The great thing about chia seeds is that you can literally add them EVERYTHING! And when we say everything, we really do mean everything considering you can eat them whole or milled. The seeds are practically tasteless so they will not affect the taste of your food. If you search “Recipes using chia seeds”, you will get an endless amount of great tasting recipes you chia. In fact, we have an amazing Chia Seed pudding recipe you can view  here. (There will be many more chia seed recipes to come.)

If you’re not convinced yet, here are 5 reasons (in detail) why you should add chia seeds to your diet:

Bring on the Omega -3

Chia seeds are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids; in fact, they’re one of the richest plant-based sources. These fats can help reduce inflammation, reduce high cholesterol, and are essential to brain function.

Don’t Forget About Fiber

One serving of chia has about 11 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber has been known to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and help with digestive health. Since chia seeds are so high in fiber, it only makes sense that almost all the carbs in them are fiber. The actual carb content is only one gram per ounce.

Plenty of Protein

Chia seeds contain plenty of protein, making them a great source of protein especially for vegetarians. Since chia seeds also contain a good balance of essential amino acids, which means our bodies are able to make use of the protein in them.

Fight Stubborn Fat

Health experts show that chia seeds may help with weight loss. The fiber in the chia seeds absorbs large amounts of water and expands in the stomach, which in most cases would increase fullness.

Toughen Your Teeth & Bones

Chia seeds contain 18% of the recommended intake of calcium. As you know, calcium is essential for maintaining bone and oral health, which may help in the prevention of osteoporosis.


So, why not add chia seeds to your diet? I think most people would agree that these benefits are something everyone should take advantage of. If you’re not convinced yet, then I’d say you’re a tough nut to crack!

If you’re having a hard time finding chia seeds in your local stores, you can purchase them online  here.