Staying Active with Diabetes

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 24th Jun 2015

Everybody needs exercise or physical activity; ESPECIALLY those who have diabetes. Physical activity and keeping a healthy weight can help you take care of diabetes and prevent the problem … read more

Benefits of Doing Yoga

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 22nd Jun 2015

Yoga provides many health benefits; physically and mentally. A lot of the benefits that are provided by yoga are scientifically proven, so really there is no room argument. If you are already … read more

Delicious Protein Packed Waffles

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 17th Jun 2015

Ingredients 2 cup oat flour (just grind raw oats in food processor or blender to make into flour) 2 tbsp ground flax 3 – 30 g scoops (or ¾ cup) whey protein 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp v … read more

Healthy Meal Planning for a Diabetic

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 16th Jun 2015

A daily meal plan is an important part of your diabetes management, along with physical activity, blood sugar check, and medications. Taking on your healthy-eating plan is the best way to keep y … read more

Naturally Fat Burning Foods

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 15th Jun 2015

Fat burners are hot on the market right now, but many of them can have some serious side effects such as: Increased heart rate and blood pressure which can increase your risk of decreased circul … read more