6 Reasons Why You Should Add Quinoa to Your Diet

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 11th Aug 2015

Quinoa is Full of Nutrients

Quinoa was referred to as the “mother of all grains” by then Incan Empire way back when. Though it has been consumed for thousands of years in South America, it only became a popular superfood just a few years ago. Here is the nutrient breakdown:

Protein: 8 grams
Fiber: 5 grams
Manganese: 58%
Magnesium: 30 %
Phosphorus: 28%
Folate: 19%
Copper: 18%
Iron: 15%
Zinc: 13%
Potassium: 9%

Quinoa is Gluten Free

Quinoa is great for those who are gluten intolerant or even those living a gluten free diet. It is naturally free of gluten; therefor it can dramatically increase the nutrient and antioxidant value.

Quinoa is an Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and have been known to help fight aging and some other diseases, and quinoa happens to be full of antioxidants!

Quinoa Has a Low Glycemic Index


Eating foods that have a high glycemic index can make you hungrier and can contribute to obesity. Quinoa has a glycemic index of 53, which as you can see by the chart above is considered low.

Quinoa Can Help With Weight Loss

Since quinoa is high in protein, it can increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite. It also has a high amount of fiber and fiber has been known to increase feeling of fullness.

Quinoa is Easy to Add to Your Diet

There are tons of ways to eat quinoa, whether it be a sweet treat or a quinoa salad. Posted below are some great recipes using quinoa.