5 Weight Lifting Myths Busted

Posted by Overstock Drugstore on 20th Aug 2015

For some reason, overtime weight-lifting has gotten a bad reputation and many myths have been made up about it. . . But we are here to "bust" those myths!

Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky


This seems to be one of the biggest concerns (for women) when considering the possibility of weightlifting. Unless you’re consuming A TON more calories, your muscles will grow at a healthy rate; promoting increased metabolism.

What actually happens: With proper nutrition & with the right routine, lifting weights will actually give you a leaner body.

Weight Lifting is BAD for Your Joints

What most people don’t know is that weight-lifting is actually less stressful on your joints than running. It has much less impact.

What actually happens: Strength lifting will increase the health of your joints by strengthening the muscles & ligaments that hold them together.

Weight Lifting Decreases Flexibility

A lot of the time, when people begin weight lifting they realize how inflexible they really are; finding that they can hardly do exercises correctly.

What actually happens: Overtime, weight lifting will help you regain your flexibility and maintain it.

Weight Lifting Will Cause High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure will increase when you lift heavy, but it will return to normal after finishing your set. This is how lifting improves your cardiovascular fitness.

What actually happens: People who strength train have lower blood pressure than those who do not. Studies show that lifting weights will lower your systolic & diastolic blood pressure.

Machines are More Effective Than Free Weights

FALSE! Weight machines isolate muscles and limit your range of motion and your results. Lifting free weights use more muscles and can result in greater strength gains.