About Us

About OverstockDrugstore.com

Ready to simplify your life?

We lead a pretty busy life just like you. There’s simply NOT enough time in the day for everything on our plate. Before OverstockDrugstore.com, it seems we were always traveling to the store, wasting gas money, and waiting in line only to fill our cart with things we probably didn’t need. Twinkies anyone?

While raising four kids we spent a lot of time in the “Health Care” and “Personal Care” sections of the grocery store. Vitamins, Baby products, Girl items, Medicine, Shampoo, Allergy medicine, and so on paying nice, big sums of money for those necessities. We would rather have been out playing football than ticking away precious hours wandering through aisles.

SO… Jake and I gathered a team of awesome people to create a SIMPLE and EASY online shopping alternative. We are a family company built on the idea that you can “Simplify your life.” That’s how OverstockDrugstore.com began and simplifying your life continues to be our goal. All of our products are brand new, fresh, and compare to what you would buy in your local grocery or drugstore. We have exclusive deals with the manufacturers and local retailers to make sure you score big time on LOW PRICES.

Give us a try and let us help you simplify your life!