Ezy-Dose Ezy-Dose Ear Syringe And Nasal Aspirator, 1 each

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  • Grooves for proper finger placement.
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Cleans ear and nasal passages easily and safely.
  • Quickly and conveniently remove excess mucus so your baby can breathe comfortably again.
  • This aspirator has a clear design for visual reassurance and built-in grooves for proper finger placement.
  • The clear tip removes for easy cleaning.
  • Cleans ear and nasal passages easily and safely.
  • Save with a combo pack.
  • For irrigation of ears
  • One piece design is rotationally molded.
  • Smooth interior surface with no flanges that can trap bacteria.
  • Latex free


Nasal Aspirator:
  • Gently squeeze aspirator bulb before inserting tip into the baby's nose.
  • Gently insert tip into the baby's nose while bulb is squeezed.
  • Release pressure on the bulb to suck out mucus. Disassemble, wash in warm soapy water, rinse in warm water and allow to dry.

Ear Syringe:
1. Soften ear wax with 3-4 drops of olive oil or commercially available ear wax removal product.
2. Fill ear syringe with lukewarm water (not hot water).
3. Gently pull ear back to open and straighten ear canal.
4. Insert tip of syringe just inside the ear canal. Do not push the syringe all the way in.
5. Gently squirt water into ear canal.
6. Remove syringe as wax surrounds the tip of the Ear Syringe.
  • To Clean:
    • Wash thoroughly in warm, soapy water.
    • Rinse well.
    • Sterilize by placing in boiling water for 10 seconds.


    • Do not use Ear Syringe if:
    • Person has a tendency for ear infections
    • May currently have an ear infection
    • Has had mastoid surgery
    • Has had tubes inserted into the ear drum or has any type of ear pain.
  • If the ear wax does not come out easily, consult your physician.